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(i) Counselling Services

University can often be a source of unanticipated pressure, and it is common for students to feel overwhelmed or to have difficulty in dealing with stress. The Centre provides free, private, and confidential counselling services to any student enrolled at Kwara State University and other members of the University community. The Centre offers:



  • Individual and group counselling
  • Educational/Academic Counselling: e.g. issues on transfer, change of course and withdrawal cases; effective study habits; coping strategies for academic challenges etc
  • Crisis intervention: e.g. issues on bereavement, breakup in relationships, suicidal ideation, post traumatic stress disorder etc.
  • Personal-Social Counselling: e.g. issues of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, confusion, or stress, loneliness, difficulty relaxing, relationship issues, friend or roommate issues, difficulty making or keeping friends, worry about a friend, trouble with concentrating, studying, or attending classes, appropriate dress code etc.
  • Marriage and Family Counselling: e.g. family problems; sexual matters (e.g. harassment, rape, pre-marital sex, incestuous relationship, sexual dysfunctions); effective communication strategies for couples and intending couples; marital conflict resolution strategies; problem-solving skills training in marriage and family relationship etc.
  • Health Counselling: e.g. maintenance of personal hygiene; prevention and control of diseases; Female Genital Cutting; drug and alcohol education; workshops on healthy lifestyles; talks on HIV/AIDS, STDs etc.
  • Outreach and Consultation: e.g. counselling on financial management in order to promote effective utilisation of financial resources, referrals to both on-campus and off-campus resources, etc.