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Educational initiative and Interactive Questionnaires

Education InitiativeRequest from State Ministry of Education permission to formally request from selected pilot public secondary schools, a time slot of 1hr per day for Kwara State University and Center Representative to visit with the aim of conducting a 1-2hrs hall meeting video or dvd presentation on ecological and environmental issues to student as J.S.S and S.S.S

Selective grouping or strategic time of visit should be once a day for six days a week. After presentation of video or dvd show, questionnaires of non-grading category be allowed for presentation to students for review of their understanding. Repetitions of video should be conducted every two week to enable student adequate understanding of video or dvd information.

While this is aimed at exposing students to environmental and ecological awareness, it will give the University an opportunity of marketing it educational and community responsibility to the citizens. This forum can also be use to source funding through advertising medium for sponsor of the Tertiary Institutions Outreach Program. This can help keep the program ongoing through funding revenue for the Center. Questionnaires collected are collated for review by the Center as evaluation of ecological and environmental awareness impact on the Tertiary level citizen of out state.

In collaboration with the Schools, charges of between N50-N100 can be levied per student. Such fund should be use to conduct competition, quizzes and end of the semester award for student who exhibit excellent understanding of the information shared. Similarly the fund can be use to provide workshop or experimental material for student participation.

Selection of pilot program choice of school must reflect public school consideration as such schools are less adequately equipped with resources required to create enlightened information such monitor computer or monitor Tvs in the school. Parent contributions and approval must be sort through sending forms home for approval. The initiative would also give end of the year ecological and environmental tour of the State and other States or internationally for willing, capable or sponsored students.

Community Outreach

Community outreachThe University and CEERMS should send request letters to local government chairmen or local govt counselors for funding support of the outreach initiative. The Center will coordinate with the official so select locations, or community town halls and audience solicitation. Outreached video or dvd will focus on information of critical importance such as ecological, environmental an environmental health and safety initiative.

Marketing of the University will be enhance for certification courses and degree programs but also the forum will enable Local Chairmen or Counselors a forum to address their constituency  on global and national related issues. Sponsor or donors will be sources through local govt, counselors, private companies, State and federal agencies or international donors. Marketing of other related products that will help to raise capital development for the center must be considered.