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Training and CertificationDevelop relationship with globally acknowledge institution with online capabilities for safety, environment, health, GIS, ArchView. The certification, training and online classes shall be charge service with KWASU and International Institutions or Centers approval.

Payment for online shall be done through banks where access pins will be provided. This pin will enable for student access of course on line. If class room setting is required, instructor shall coordinate through main frame module monitor and projector. Bank or banks interested in holding such account must be willing participate in the investment with the Center in its programs.

The University Body and Center Director will make effort to seek approval of the following agencies in Nigeria;

  • DPR,
  • Min of Environment and Urban Development
  • Atomic Research Agency

Approval for this bodies will help push for enforcement of companies, business, institutions and related bodies to undertake certifications in the required areas of our service. Overseas visit instructional classes can be conducted for requested entity.