By 2020, the College of Engineering and Technology will:

A: Become known as a leading engineering college in the areas of:

–        aerospace and mechanical engineering

–        alternative energy, environmental engineering, and sustainable technology

–        biotechnology, food and agric engineering

–        electrical, computer and information technology

–        nanotechnology

B: Expand the faculty by 50 percent over the years of its existence:

C: Enhance undergraduate programs by:

–        creating an innovative undergraduate curriculum,

–        creating an undergraduate research scholars program,

–        creating diverse opportunities for study, research, and internships abroad,

–        increasing the availability of scholarships, and

–        enhancing the diversity and community outreach

D: Strengthen graduate programs by:

–        establishing the University’s Graduate School within the first 2 years of academic programs in collaboration with Princeton University through ARIST program

–        creating new interdisciplinary programs

–        offering MSc and Ph.D. degrees

–        increasing doctoral stipends and offering health insurance,

–        strengthening recruitment efforts, and

–        building fellowship support

E: Build a state-of-the-art engineering complex

F: College will achieve these goals by:

–        focusing its intellectual efforts,

–        building on its dynamic vision and strengths,

–        creating innovative partnerships across disciplines at Kwara State University, with industry, and with other universities, both in Nigeria and abroad,

–        creating a financial plan that will allow the College to realize its vision and plans