Mission & Activities

The Centre for Innovation and International Studies (CIIS) is apart of Kwara State University, the University for Community Development and  implements programs that provide students, staff and community members with the understanding and tools to become active leaders and responsible members in a global society.  


CIIS's mission includes: 

  • Preparing students to live and work in today’s increasingly interconnected world
  • Providing an international dimension to teaching, research and campus life
  • Providing programs and services
  • Coordinating KWASU’s international activities
  • Fostering students’, staff and community members’ understanding of themselves as global citizens


CIIS acheives its mission through the following activities:

  • relations and partnerships
  • International programs and projects
  • Outgoing and incoming missions
  • Faculty and student exchanges
  • Education abroad opportunities
  • Services and programs for international visitors, including faculty and students
  • Services for outgoing staff and students
  • Global education including internationalization of the curriculum and the promotion of global citizenship
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