Certificate in International Studies

Last Updated on Monday, 12 October 2015

What is ISC (International Studies Certificate)?

The International Studies Certificate is a multidisciplinary program of study designed to train future leaders, public officials, and private entrepreneurs capable of designing social and public programs that meet the needs of Nigerian, African and world. The ISC is an “add-on” or supplemental certificate for students who are pursuing a bachelor degree at KWASU. It will provide students with skills and knowledge appropriate to international and cross-cultural settings, integrating coursework throughout the curriculum from general education to the research capstone in the student’s major.   In addition, the program includes a strong experiential learning element including the co-curricular programming required for International Learning Community classes and study abroad. experiential


How does the Certificate complete the University mission?

The ISC is in complete accordance with KWASU’s mission, which is to be foremost in expanding the frontiers of knowledge and be most innovative in disseminating knowledge towards advancing the cause of humanity. The ISC also addresses key strategies to accomplish its mission of being the fulcrum of a knowledge-driven society. It enables students to think, judge, care and ultimately act responsibly in the changing environment of Nigeria and the world at large; It is an example of development of integrated programmes of study at the undergraduate level which are relevant to Nigeria’s needs in a changing international environment; And it aims at promoting interaction and exchange with other institutions of higher learning throughout the world. Most importantly, it helps students develop awareness of international issues, and facilitates international cooperation not only in education but in labor areas of human life. The ISC’s core rationale is to have KWASU students become world citizens in a world that is more and more interconnected.


Who is eligible?

Students from all departments of Kwara State University are eligible for the ISC.


What are the requirements?

  1. A GNS class on Global Studies. For class description, please see appendix 1.
  2. Intermediate level of proficiency in one of the foreign language courses offered by KWASU, or (6 classes) of one foreign language instruction.  Proficiency may have been attained through class work or informal education. Proficiency will be determined through a standardized exam conducted by a faculty member of the Department of French, Portuguese and Arabic Languages;
  3. Four courses related to international studies in any department other in the University and one capstone seminar. Course work for the International Studies Certificate will normally involve a focus on particular areas of social and public policy. The student in consultation with his or her academic advisor, career advisor or Head of Department can design these areas. For a list of courses related to international studies please see appendix 2.
  4. Study abroad program or field trip offered by the University departments that last for at least two weeks, of one academic program in any univerwity we have MOU with.  
  5. The International Studies Certificate will be awarded only after successful completion of the above-stated requirements and only after completion of all requirements for bachelor’s degree.