International Admissions

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 February 2016


Student Eligibility

  • For admission purposes, you are considered an international student if: You are not a Nigerian citizen or permanent resident.


Application Materials

  • International students must submit the following items in their admissions application for CIIS to review:
  1. Secondary School/High School Transcripts and any other academic certificates.
  2. University admissions test, where applicable.
  3. Prospective undergraduate program
  4. Passport data page
  5. Passport size (1”x1”) photograph
  6. Prospective undergraduate program
  7. English proficiency test scores, if any


Entrance Exam and Language Requirements

  • Students will need to take JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) exam, a college entrance exam, following their acceptance into KWASU.
    • The test will be scheduled and taken while the student is enrolled at KWASU in Nigeria.
    • Optional JAMB prep classes will be offered for a fee.
  • Students will need to take an English placement test upon arrival at KWASU. Should the student require additional English instruction, instructional classes will be provided for a fee.    


Admissions Dates and Deadlines

  • Applications are accepted for students planning on enrolling in KWASU’s undergraduate schools as a 100 level or first year student at the start of the academic year (i.e., the Harmattan semester starting in August).
  • International students currently enrolled in undergraduate schools and applying to transfer to KWASU (e.g enrolling as a 200 or 300 level student or coming in mid-academic year ) will be reviewed and admitted on a case by case basis.


Starting date for receiving applications                January 1st

Deadline for application submission                      April 30th

Deadline for CIIS review and acceptance              June 15th

Deadline for applicant acceptance                          July  15th               


Academic Tuition, Living Cost, and Payment Process

  • Tuition will be set for N300,000 for 2016-2017 period.
  • Students from abroad, with the exception of some West African countries, will need to pay and apply for a subject to regularization (“STR”) visa and convert to Combined Expatriate Residence Permit on an annual basis at the approximate cost of $1000.
  • KWASU does not offer any financial aid or merit-based scholarships for international students.
  • Some health services are provided by university clinic but insurance and other services must be paid privately/individually by student.
  • International students, like domestic students, will have the option to either be housed in an off-campus hostel or on-campus dormitory.
  • Costs of accommodations are commensurate with domestic prices.
  • Students will have 2 weeks to pay from day of acceptance.


Visa and Immigration

  • Upon arrival, international students, with the exception of certain West African countries will need to pay for and apply for a subject to regularization (“STR”) visa in their home country and convert to Combined Expatried Residence Permit and Alien Card (“CERPAC”) while in Nigeria on an annual basis at the cost of $1000 USD.
  • CIIS will offer support and guidance for those international students needing to process STRs and CERPACs.