Greatest Scholars of Ilorin

Shaykh Adam Abdullahi Al-Ilory
Scholar of International Repute, Author, Orator and Proprietor of the famous Markaz Arabic and Islamic Institute, Agege-Lagos, Nigeria


Shaykh Muhammad Kamalud-deen Al-Adaby Scholar of International Repute, Education Reformer, Founder of Ansarul-Islam Society of Nigeria and Proprietor of the famous Ma'Had Ilorin Al-Azhary Ogidi, Ilorin, Nigeria

  • ILORIN Ultra-Modern Central Mosque

Ilorin Emirate, also known as the ”Emirate of Yarba” and the ”Frontier Emirate”, occupied virtually what is today Kwara State in North-Central Nigeria. Ancient Ilorin region was home to Oke Suna, one of the early centres of Islam and Islamization in Yorubaland but about which very little information is available at present. Oke Suna literally translates ”Settlement” or ”Abode” or ”Quarters” of the Sunnites, that is Muslims who upheld the traditions and practices of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. The exact date of the founding of the settlement is unclear but prior to the early 1800s, the settlement had attracted Muslims of diverse origins including Kanuri, Nupe, Baruba, Yoruba, Fulani, etc. Some of these Muslims were involved in developments that led to the establishment of Ilorin Emirate during the third decade of the 19th century while their descendants in different parts of Ilorin have continued to play prominent roles in the sustenance of Ilorin’s reputation for Islamic learning and propagation in the emirate.

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