The ongoing field work being carried out by the Ilorin Manuscript Project Team is making steady progress as more rare manuscripts are being discovered on a daily basis. The Team, made up of the Lead Researcher, Dr. Moshood Mahmood Jimba, the Assistant Researchers Salih Ismail Otukoko and Sakariyau Aliu and twenty field researchers, is currently combing the nooks and crannies of the entire five local government areas that make up the emirate. Ilorin township is divided into three axis for easy execution of the program. These are Oke-Imale, Balogun Fulani and Balogun Gambari. Each axis is also sub-divided into quarters and houses.

The awareness is now very high among the people courtesy of the enlightenment campaign that is being carried out by the Team and so far about 1,400 manuscripts have been recorded and marked for cataloguing and digitization at the Centre for Ilorin Manuscripts and Culture of the Kwara State University Malete. Prominent among the families visited are (A) Okemale:- Idiayan, Ile Kijan, Bature, Alfa Koro, Kakadika, Atata, Basharu Adangba, Alfa Bani, Jabaje, Agbaji, Apaokagi, Alomimata, Katibi etc. (B) Balogun Fulani:- Koro Gurumo, Ile Abudu, Ori-okoh, Ile Jimba, Isale Ajasa, Ikokoro, Isale koto, Sakama etc. (C) Balogun Gambari:- Ile Imam Gambari, Ile Seriki, Alfa Omohiya (Sooro), Jetemiodara, Gbodofu, Alfa Nda Agba, (D) Asa LGA:- Ogbondoroko, Reke, and Alapa (E) Moro LGA:- Malete, Biala, Alateko, Budo-Ayan etc. (F) Ilorin East LGA: Iponrin (G) Ilorin South LGA:- Tanke and Akata.

Notable houses of scholars where valuable collections were made include but not limited to the families of late Shaykh Muhammad Jum'at Jabaje, Shaykh Khidru Salahudeen Apaokagi, Shaykh Musa Alfanla Alomimata, Onikijipa, Shaykh Busari Ile Kijan, Shaykh Abubakar, Salahu-Deen Agbarigidoma, Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saura, Agbaji, Shaykh Abubakar Omohiya Soro, Shaykh Abubakar Sakama and Lawyer Shafi Jimba.

Manuscripts collected cover various branches of knowledge including the Qur'an,Tafseer, Hadith, Shariah, Literature, Dogma, History, Rhetoric, Prosody, Syntax, Morphology, personal and official Letters, Science and Record Keeping among others.