About Us
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The philosophy and objectives of the Colleges are to produce competent middle-level manpower (global citizens) who can be usefully engaged in the process of moving the countrys agricultural sector forward either as paid hands in the public or the private sector of the economy or who themselves can be job creators by setting up agricultural enterprises all over the country.  In pursuance of this philosophy, the students are being exposed to:

  • Production and research that would provide relevant and appropriate solutions to the country’s agricultural and rural development.
  • Theory and practice of Animal Production, including breeding, nutrition, disease prevention and control and Animal products and Processing.
  • Theory and Practice of Crop Production, Seed Certification, Crop Breeding and Crop Protection among others.
  • Theory and Practice of social behaviors, agricultural communication, rural development planning and agricultural extension principles and methodologies.
  • Theory and Practice of Fish Production including nutrition, breeding, disease prevention and control among others.
  • Theory and Practice of the Economics and Management of Agricultural Resources with a view to optimizing farm production and maximizing farm profits. Other courses include Farm Management and Production Economics, Economics of Resource Use, Agricultural Finance, Agribusiness Management, Farm Accounting, Agricultural Project Planning and Implementation as well as Agricultural Policy Analysis.