Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services
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Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services

Department Philosophies and Objectives

In line with the general philosophies of the College, the Objectives of the department are to:

1.       Expose the students to the basic principles of Micro and macro Economics

2.       Introduce students to farm Management, Agribusiness Management, Production economics, Agricultural Marketing, resource economics and a host of other courses.

3.       Expose students to the influence of government policies, programmes and project as well as the international economics on the management of agricultural enterprises for increased profitability

4.       Impart to students basic principles and practice of Agric Extension and rural Sociology

5.       Introduce students to the theory and practice of planning, organizing, managing and evaluation of agricultural projects and rural development

6.       Expose students to the theories and practices of community development, Agricultural Extension Communication Methods, Research Methodology, Participatory Research and Community Driven Development Approach (CCD)

7.       Offer professional advice to governments, private organizations, individuals and farms.