Admission Requirements

  • Four Year Degree Programme
    Five credits including English Language at the Senior Secondary School Certificate level of which must be in Islamic studies/Christian Studies or Grade II Teachers Certificate with at least five merits in the relevant subjects including Islamic studies/Christian Studies
  • Three year Degree programme
    Any post-secondary diploma in Arts with Islamic Studies/Christian Studies which includes at least one of the following College subjects: Arabic, English, French and History may be considered for admission into a Three year degree Programme.

The List of Programmes existing in the Department.

  1. B.A. Islamic Studies
  2. B.A. Christian Studies

Course Requirements
Courses are organized into two statuses: Core (Compulsory) and Elective (Cognate)

  • A core course must be taken and passed by all students before they can be awarded a degree.
  • An elective course may be taken by a student but could be substituted for another in the same category. Elective courses consist of a wide range of courses from which students must choose before they can be awarded a degree. The elective courses could be from within or outside the College
  • For each of the courses specified, the categories to which it belongs, the weights (units) attached to each course and the level/year they could be offered on the programme are indicated.
  • A unit of course is defined as one contact hour of lecture per week/tutorial or seminar.
  • A student is expected to take and pass a minimum of 15 and maximum of 24 credit units of courses in any given semester. A student must accumulate at least 30 units per level to qualify for graduation.

Procedure for Registration
To be accepted as a bona fide student, eligible to attend lectures and take examinations, the student must properly register within the stipulated period for all prescribed courses at the beginning of each session. Any student who fails to duly register within the specified time/period will pay a prescribed late registration fees to the Bursary. This concession is for the period approved for late registration.
Student who have carry-over courses and on probation shall be guided by the followings during registration:

  1. All students with carry-over courses must first register such courses before any new (higher) level courses. Priority in the courses to be registered shall be as follows:
    • Carry-over courses at lower level before higher level
    • Core courses at new (higher) level
    • Unearned lower level(s) units of electives (if any) as stipulated by the department, or
    • Stipulated units of electives at new (higher) level.
  2. Any stipulated course unit(s) that cannot be accommodated within the maximum 24 units shall be taken during the next (higher) year. This allows students who have outstanding courses at the end of the minimum period to continue for an additional period of four semesters.
  3. Attendance at lectures and tutorial is compulsory and any student who has less than 75% attendance in a course will not be allowed to sit in an examination. DEPARTMENT OF ISLAMIC