The philosophy of the Department is the imperativeness of understanding that man is not made of flesh alone and the need to focus on the spiritual as an integral part of life which itself privy to another life. In addition to this, is the study of the two disciplines as academic subjects covering different aspects of knowledge and sciences for the benefit of man.


The vision of the Department is to be one of the best Institutions for producing excellent Graduates in Islamic, Christian and Comparative Religious Studies through teaching, research and community development.


The mission of the Department lies primarily on the need to advance knowledge through teaching, research and community services to students in particular and religious community in general.

The Objectives of the Department are as follows..

  • To enable the students pursue courses in Islamic, Christian and Comparative Religious Studies as academic disciplines and as a way of life.
  • To prepare candidates that would adequately serve the staffing needs of Schools and Colleges in Nigeria

  • To develop in the students the ability to understand, analyse and critically interpret the nature of religious reality as well as religious interplay in the social and cultural context of the community.

  • To prepare graduates both in character and learning, and equip them to serve in the immediate community and larger society in various capacities.

  • To maintain rigorous scholarly approach to the problem of contemporary religious communities with particular reference to Nigeria.

This Department was first known from its inception in 2009/2010 session as the Department of Religious Studies, briefly within the first semester (Harmattern) of 2010, as Department of Archeology, Religion and Heritage Studies, until in the second semester (Rain) of 2010/2011 session when it was changed to the Department of Islamic, Christian and Comparative Religious Studies to create distinction from others before it.

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