General Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the Extended / Part-time programmes are basically as approved for the regular programmes by NUC. See the relevant sections for details.

Registration and Graduation Requirements

  • To be eligible for the award of Extended / Part-Time Degrees, Student must obtain a minimum pass-mark of 45% in all courses registered.

  • At least a total of 120 credit units must be registered within the period of study for 100 level candidates and 90 credit units for 200 level candidates.

  • Minimum number of credits per semester is 12

  • Maximum number of credits per semester is 20

  • Maximum credits allowed is 184 within the 5 years of 10 semesters)

Continuous Assessment

Continuous Assessment in the form of class tests and assignments shall constitute minimum of 30% and maximum of 40% of the total marks assigned in a course.


  • To be eligible to write an examination in the University, a student shall have been duly registered for the semester or session and must satisfy the condition of at least 75% attendance of lectures for the course(s).

  • Each course shall normally be examined at the end of the semester in which it is completed. One of the letters A, B, C or D shall represent pass letter grade in any course while F is the letter grade for fail.

  • A student can only repeat a course if he/she failed on an earlier occasion. Where a course has been repeated, the Grade Point earned at all attempts shall count towards the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

List of courses

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