Students Performance Evaluation

The actual score and equivalent grade of A, B, C, D, and F shall be used to report each and every students’ performance s in each and every papers registered and written. Letter grades shall thus be assigned to the percentage score and shall carry the grade points as indicated below:

Score Letter Grade Grade Points (GP) GPA CGPA Class of Degree
70 – 100 A 4.0 Total Weight Scored Divided by Credit Taken/Offered. 3.6 – 4.0 First Class
60 – 69 B 3.20 Same as Above 2.8 – 3.58 Second Class (Upper Division)
50 – 59 C 2.40 Same as Above 1.99 – 2.79 Second Class (Lower Division)
45 – 49 D 1.60 Same as Above 1.20 – 1.99 Third Class
Below 45 F O Same as Above Below 1.00 Fail

A student shall be declared to have passed a degree examination if he/she has satisfied the Senate in all the requirements for the examination (including all GNS Courses). A “Make-Up” Examination, subject to the recommendation of the Institute and Approved by Senate shall be arranged for a student or group of students who could not sit for the Normal Examination due to ill-health, or any other unavoidable circumstances.

Students on probation in two-consecutive semesters shall be withdrawn from the Programme. Students who cannot meet all the requirements within four semesters in excess of the minimum duration without Senate approval shall be advised to withdraw from the university and shall not be qualified for the award of the degree.