The Establishment of IOE in Kwara State University

For a number of years now, Kwara State College of Education has been running Sandwich Degree Programmes with the aim of producing professionally qualified and competent teachers who could teach in different subject areas both in the Primary and Secondary School within the communities in the State.

The Programmes offered in the College were in particular targeted towards serving teachers with National Certificate of Education (NCE) who could not go to the regular University in pursuance of higher Degree Certification for various reasons.

In 2011, however, it was apparent that Kwara State Government was not satisfied with the way and manner the Degree Sandwich Programmes were run in Kwara State College of Education. Consequently, a directive to affiliate the College Sandwich Degree Programmes to College of Education, Kwara State University, Malete was given by the state government. The state government also constituted a committee to look into the affairs of the Sandwich programmes. Following the submission of the committee’s report, the government came up with a white paper stopping Kwara State Colleges of Education, both at Ilorin and Oro Campuses to stop running Sandwich degree programmes for partly lack of adequate manpower and facilities.

All of these developments, therefore, gave birth to interest on the part of Kwara State University Management and College of Education, KWASU, to establish Institute of Education to run Sandwich Degree Programmes to meet the needs and aspirations of prospective candidates who have NCE Certificates and are interested in pursuing various degree and other post graduate diploma programmes in Education.