The services currently offered by the library include book borrowing, reference and bibliographic services, photocopying, binding and lamination, interlibrary lending, course book reserve services, Internet/database searches, referrals and off-site library services at FSP and GSS in Ilorin, among others. Further details about the services can be found in the Guide to the Kwara State University Library.

The collections in the Main Library are organised into four sections based on the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.  The sections are:

  1. The Science, Engineering and Technology Section which contains books in Science, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology.
  2. The Humanities, Management and Social Science Section which contains books in the Arts, Business and Social science.
  3. The Education and Library Science Section which contains books in Education and Library & Information Science.
  4. The Reference/Serials and Special Collection Section which houses various academic journals, newspapers, magazines and Irele, Chinese and Afro-Brazilian Collections.