Organizational Structure


To achieve its stated objectives, the library is presently organized into five divisions.  These are the University Librarian’s Office; the Collection Development Division; the Technical Services Division; the Users’ Services Division; and the E-Library

  1. The University Librarian’s Office is responsible for the more important management functions such as planning, organising, staffing, budget preparation and defence, controlling & supervision, measurement and evaluation of activities, operational procedures and services, and reporting, among others.
  2. The Collection Development Division  comprising the Bibliographic Checking Unit, the Ordering, Receiving and Invoice Processing Unit and the Gift and Exchange Unit.  The Division handles all the activities relating to library acquisitions.
  3. The Technical Services Division which consists of the Cataloguing and Classification Unit, the Book Labelling and Mending Unit and the Bindery Unit.  The Division is responsible for the processing of library materials.
  4. The User Services Division which is comprised of the Reference Services Unit, the Circulation and Reserve Collection Unit, the Serials & Government Publication Unit and the Special Collections Unit.  The Division takes charge of the public services of the Library.
  5. The E-Library is responsible for the development, organisation and handling of the Library’s electronic services.  It consists of the Electronic and Audio-Visual Resources Unit, Digitization Unit and Networking Unit.


The Organogram of the Library is as follow: