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Office of Student Employment

KWASU’s Student Employment Programme

KWASU Student Employment ProgrammeKwara State University’s Student Employment Program is one of the University’s training and ethical value orientation programs. The program is established mainly to introduce students to the world of work by combining academic studies with on-the-job experience and through this, to explore possible career directions before graduation. It helps students appreciate the value of decent and honest labour and it inculcates an entrepreneurial spirit. The main objective behind KWASU’s student employment program revolves around the factor of academic performance, work ethics and career foundation for students.

As much as possible, the work assigned to students should be related to their course of study, or chosen to match their skills, preferences and possible career goals while also offering the opportunity to develop career contacts.  The program aims to cultivate a community service spirit given that KWASU is the “University for Community Development”.

Applicant Qualifications

  • The qualification CGPA for applicants is 3.0 and above.
  • Students must have spent at least one year in the University to be qualified; that is, students can only participate from their 2nd year in the University. This means that Direct Entry students can only participate at the 300 level.

Recruitment process

  • Pick the Student employment application form from Office of the Student Employment.
  • Students will be required to submit an application letter, their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a Student Employment Program application form in response to the advertised vacancy.
  • Applications will be reviewed and candidates shortlisted.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.
  • Successful applicants will be formally notified and appointed.

Minimum and maximum work hours

  • The minimum number of work hours is 5 hours per week while the maximum working hours will be 10 hours a week.


  • The minimum wage is N250 per hour.


  • The tenure for employment at inception shall be one semester – Rain semester, 2010/2011 session. Subsequent appointments shall be for one year after which students may reapply.
  • Although students job would as much as possible match their course of study, students from any department can be employed in any section of the University.

Current Student Employees (Rain Semester 2010/2011)

i.    Mayowa Shinaayo Adeyemi of Dept. of Mineral and Geological Science
Assistant Geologist (Trainee), Dept. of Geology

ii.    Olufunke Temitope Olorunnisola of Department of Linguistics
Editor, CITR

iii.    Shehu Folounsho Ismail of Dept. of Social Sciences and Global Studies
Assistant Graphics Designer, CITR

iv.    Olamide Oluwasegun Jimoh of Dept. of Physics and Material Sciences
Assistant Graphics Designer, CITR

v.    Tolu Sophia Opaleye of Dept. of Mass Communication
Office Assistant, College of ICT

vi.    Azeezat Titilayo Akinola of Dept. of Economics
Cataloguing Assistant, Library

vii.    Lydia Damilola Oyinlola, Department of Languages, Linguistics and Literary Studies
Cataloguing Assistant, Library

viii.    Monsurat Romoke Suleiman of Dept. of Plant Biology
Office Assistant, Students’ Affairs Office

ix.    Olatunji Mustapha Abdulkadir of Dept. of Computer Science
Assistant Graphics Designer, CITR