Kwara State University was established in 2009 with the vision "to be foremost in expanding the frontiers of knowledge, and be most innovative in disseminating knowledge towards advancing the cause of humanity”. The mission statement of Kwara State University "to be the fulcrum of a knowledge driven society, building human competences and fostering determination and competition among people through the instrumentality of modern technology" gives credence to the purpose of establishing the School of Business and Governance in 2013 to nurture and produce transformational leaders of the private and public sector of the country.

The unprecedented demand for programmes in the business, management and social sciences, and the appropriate need to respond to these demands through proper coordination of the various programmes to meet the local and international standards further confirms the need for the establishment of the School of Business and Governance.

Emanating from the vision and mission of Kwara State University is the mantra to be "the University for Community Development". In this wise, the University, in recognition of the significance of government, governmental agencies and governance is determined to pay particular attention to develop manpower for efficient governance and management of the nation’s resources, hence the establishment of not just a business school, like others, but a School of Business and Governance. This is particularly in recognition of the fact that for any business to survive there is the need for government to provide conducive business environment which is a product of good governance.


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